Cannabis: different components and their uses?

Cbd CBD Oils

CBD is one of the main compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. In some parts of the world, cannabis is known as marijuana, mainly used for medical purposes. Many doctors even prescribe it to get relief from severe pains. There are basically two primary components of the plants that help in many health problems.


THC is also called tetrahydrocannabinol. This is also one of the compounds of the cannabis plant. It produces a high sensation and is mostly consumed by smoking cannabis; they are also available in edibles, capsules, and other forms. THC affects the normal functioning of the brain to a great extent. This is the reason because of which it is advisable to avoid this compound at the time of driving.

As per the survey of the national institute on drug abuse, the consumption of THC has an effect on thinking, memory, movements, concentration, and coordination of a person.

THC uses

This is a compound that is used in treating many problems like pain, sleeping disorder, anxiety, and low appetite. These are also used for treating animal-like dogs and give them relief from severe pain and also help to reduce the amount of anxiety in the dogs.

THC is becoming a hotly debated topic these days regarding its legalization. Currently, this compound of marijuana is legal in 29 states; on the other hand, marijuana is legal only in 9 states.


CBD oil is also an extract of the cannabis. This component is different from THC, but the effects of both the components are almost the same. There is just a minor difference between the two. They are very bitter in taste, so they are not taken directly; they are taken in the form of gel, supplements, and gummies.

Usage of CBD 

This oil is mainly used by missing it with other oils like coconut oil and hemp oil. This is used for treating many health problems like chronic pain, depression, and muscle pain. Not only the intake of CBD oil helps in these problems, but it also helps in the reduction of the number of seizures if a person is suffering an excess of seizures.

In today’s scenario, skin problem is the major issue faced by youngsters; CBD oil is a good remedy for curing a person of skin problems like acne and wrinkles.

There are different manufacturers that are providing these components. Just make sure that you are purchasing these from the most reliable one as if they are not of good quality, they can have a negative effect on the body.

Final thought:

The basic molecular structure of both components is almost the same; the only difference is in the arrangement of atoms. They have a slightly different effect on the human body. As per the usage is considered both are safe, but it is advisable to take these components as per the doctor’s prescription. Make sure that you take the dose as you have been prescribed.