Free Diablo II Clones You Can Find Online


The announcement of Diablo III has reminded many gamers just how awesome Diablo II was. If you can’t find your old Diablo II discs, here are some free (at least to try) alternatives that can feed your addiction until Diablo III finally hits and are available at school unblocked games.


From the makers of the original Diablo comes Mythos, an MMORPG that’s very similar to Diablo and very professionally designed.

Mythos likes to tout its randomized dungeons and growing user base (which is currently limited by area, and you’ll have to enter your email address to join the closed beta version of the game).

Sign up for the beta release here and hope that the game’s creators stay true to the classic hack and slash formula that made the Diablo series so popular in the first place. The game is entirely free, so there’s not a lot to lose (other than time and hard drive space, of course).

Global MU Online

This game is similar to an MMORPG version of Diablo–there are a ton of players playing (a lot more allowed than the original Diablo), and you complete quests and do the typical RPG stuff, but there are some cool twists that make this online game unique. The player versus player system is notable for introducing “outlaws”–players that kill other players–which are penalized for their actions by essentially marking their heads as player-killers, thus encouraging infighting between players that prefer to hunt their fellow man. Those that just want to play the game of course can, and if they get attacked, they can kill their attacker in self-defense without taking on any negative consequences.

The art style is beautiful, with a touch of Asian influence and an intriguing world to explore. This game is free until the player reaches level 60, and through the first 4 maps of the game, at which point you may elect to purchase the game if you’re having a good time. Download here.

Shadow Flare

Shadow Flare isn’t as pretty as some of these other games, but it’s a hell of a lot harder, which hardcore gamers will like. You get an animal companion that fights alongside you and a decent-sized world to explore, and lots of classic Diablo II action, what with the hacking and the slashing and the spells and such. No big surprises, but it’s addictive enough that you won’t mind too much.,

The first episode is free, and additional episodes can be purchased for $14.99. Download it here.

And if none of these games get you pumped enough, you can always check out Diablo III screenshots here, courtesy of Joystiq.