Maintain Ideal Body Weight

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Maintain ideal body weight remains a concern for most women to remain confident. Then, whether the food intake control has been a great way to get your ideal weight?

The type of metabolism in the body affects the combustion process. Weight gain in women can not be generalized based on the number of excessive food intake or food type selection, but more on the metabolism in the body.

If your metabolism is high, no matter how many you eat, with a high burning, you can not easily fat. Therefore, energy intake balanced with energy that comes out through combustion. Whereas people with low metabolism, eating just a little (a drink of water ice, for example) can easily fat. Combustion processes in the body that makes a person easy to ride low weight.

So as not to become overweight, dietary intake can be calculated with simple formulas, this list of 6 Best Weight Loss Pills for Women will provide you with an easy way through which you can maintain your ideal body weight. Besides this, the trick is to multiply by 25-30 calories your body weight. The result is, that’s what you need to eat every day. For example, you weigh 55 kg times 25-30 calories, the result needs to eat around 1375-1650 calories per day. However, according to Dr. Sam, this calculation is very rough because it has not seen any other body factors, including your height and age.

Balance intake with output, or food or energy intake with energy that comes out or burned. Someone overweight because the energy that is burned or thrown less than energy intake. By burning more through exercise or inactivity, work, and energy metabolism was the more incoming fire. So if you want to be thin, the burning need larger and less intake. Whereas if you want to be fat, multiply food intake and reduce arson.

In other words, if you currently feel overweight, eat less and exercise more. A simple way is easier to apply compared by measuring metabolic rate or measure your calorie intake each day.