My Top Tips For Staying On Track – Learn about the top tips


I know, when you start out on your journey to lose weight, you feel really motivated and up for anything. You stock your cupboards with all the right stuff, but then…you feel a bit meh… why wouldn’t you. Your usual eating habits have changed, and the chocolates and crisps and naughty things you took for granted are no longer. Your body is craving the artificial rubbish it’s used to.

So here are my top tips for staying motivated and on track

Always opt for fresh fruit or veg as snack options, rather than crisps or biscuits. Fill up your fruit bowl, make home made soups and have veg sticks and low calorie dips ready and waiting in the fridge. If you like a tipple, swap wine for a white spirit and diet mixer to lower the calories.

Eat Breakfast

Research shows that people who eat breakfast are more like to make healthier food choices through the day. Mornings can be busy, especially id you’ve got kids, but breakfast doesn’t have to take up lots of time. A bowl of wholewheat cereal or low calorie yogurt and some fruit are healthy and filling choice.

Anticipate your mood

Think about the situations that lead you to reach for high calorie foods. Is it when you’re busy, bored or stressed? Plan ahead and make sure you’ve got healthier choices to hand at these times. It’s easier to miss your body’s ‘full up’ signals and if your’e distracted too, so focus on your food when you’re eating.

Tweak your takeaways

Cook your favourite takeaways yummy mummy styles! – check out my recipes for takeaway options, there’s plenty of currys and stiry frys for you to choose from. Even chips & burgers!

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Find your love for cooking

I really love cooking now, learning to put together ingredients and always proud of the end result because I know how it’s been made and what’s in it. I always make my meals from scratch using fresh herbs, spices and stock, they all make a big difference to the taste of dishes without bumping up the calories.

Stock up on the basics

Base your meals on everyday foods such as veg, pasta, rice and eggs and lean meats. They’re filling and healthy, so you can eat freely without feeling guilty.

Tart up your veg

Instead of boiling or steaming your veg, why not roast them? Roast veg such as carrots, beetroot and swede on a baking tray with low-calorie spray.

Plan your week

Sit down one evening and plan your meals & snacks for the week ahead. Write a shopping list then buy just what you need. Shopping online makes it easier to avoid temptation and stick to your plan. Not to mention the money you’re going to save!