Tale Of Kingdoms Mod – Know About The Mod

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If there is one mod that you need to be using to enhance your Minecraft experience, it would be the Tale of Kingdoms Mod. Let me tell you why: it is awesome. Why is it awesome? Let me tell you what it is: it’s an adventure RPG mod that places you in the throne of a kingdom as a king, where you must fight evil and build your own Kingdom along the way.

The minecraft account for sale is available at the online platform. It enhances the experience of the players. You can choose the correct mod with skills and intelligence to have the desired results. The building of the right kingdom is possible for the people. The meeting of the needs is possible for players.

It’s basically a complete overhaul of the original game. It just about completely changes the objective of the game. While the original objective is still achievable, your new main goal is to “rid the land of the evil REFICULUS” (this message is given to the player when they start the mod, so it is not a spoiler.)

But you don’t start off as the king. Here is an example of what you will be doing when you start the game with the Tale of Kingdoms mod installed: you will start as a member of a guild and then you will need to sign a contract that forces you to kill monsters to defend the guild when it comes under attack by the evil REFICULUS. If your guild takes damage, it can be repaired by donating 64 wood. Oh, and you will also need to rescue villagers from ruined villages, which will grow your guild and make it stronger. As you do all of this, the guild master, who made you sign the contract, will start to like you more and will eventually give you a kingdom of your own (he will make you king).

At of this point in the game, you haven’t seen much compared to the massiveness of the kingdom that you will eventually build. Once the guild master approves of you and makes you a King, then you will be appointed a city builder and you will go off with him and build your own kingdom. After that you will gather resources and give them to the city builder, who will build buildings (there is a huge list of them which all have different uses) which you can use however you like. You can also recruit an army that is full of mages, archers, priests, and warriors. You will do this until you can take down REFICULUS.

The mod is not finished. In fact, the original creator, TyberAlyx is no longer updating development; he stopped with the 1.2.3 update to work on “bigger and better things”. Since he made this announcement, we haven’t heard anything from him in over a year.

Are you sad the original creator is no longer developing the game? Do not fear, Arkonick took it upon himself to update the mod for the good of the community. Currently the game is in 1.2.5 update status. The mighty Excaliber sword has recently been added. Oh, and before we leave you, you should know something that a lot of people have been confused about: the builder does not need logs, he needs wooden planks.