Top 5 Tips For Hiking Your Way To Better Health And Fitness

Health and Fitness

So, you meet someone who you really like. After a few conversations on the phone, you feel like it might really be going places. Then, they bring up going on a first date and the activity that they pick is (gasp!) hiking.

Suddenly, you’re not so sure anymore if they could be “the one”.

It’s not really that you detest hiking. It’s simply that it’s not really something that interests you, let alone excites you. However, if you’ve even gotten this far along into this article, we might be able to convince you that not only is hiking a great way to spend some quality time with another individual, but it’s also a good thing to do for your overall health and fitness routine. Here’s why:

It’s great cardio. One of the things that all of our bodies need, especially when it comes to maintaining the health of our hearts, is cardio exercise. Hiking is a great way to provide it. This is not just due to the walking that we do while hiking, either. Oftentimes, hiking trails are filled with hills and other forms of terrain that also give us the additional “boosts” of working out that we need and that’s always a good thing. For better health and fitness, you should know about the working of the fat burners. Do Fat Burners Work? Yes, it will eliminate the unnecessary fat from the body to offer an impressive look to the individuals. The dieting is not required with the product to have the desired results. 

It helps you to burn calories. As most of us well know, the more that we exercise, the more we increase our ability to burn calories, which as a result, means a loss of weight. If you are 150 pounds, you can burn as much as 240 calories simply by walking at a pace of 2 miles per hour. That’s pretty impressive.

It gives you more energy. Any kind of exercise that boosts the amount of oxygen that goes into your system is going to automatically provide you with more energy; especially if it is something that falls into the category of being an “aerobic” exercise. Although a lot of people may not naturally think that hiking falls into this category, it actually does. Aerobics simply means any kind of exercise that stimulates the heart while strengthening the lungs and hiking does that quite nicely.

It can cut out insomnia. If you’re someone who finds yourself having a hard time getting to sleep at night, whether it’s by putting on your running shoes or your walking boots, it can never hurt to go on a hike in the afternoon so that you can get a better night’s sleep. As a matter of fact, there are actual studies to reflect the fact that a lifestyle of walking, running or hiking, over time, can help to eliminate insomnia altogether.

It gives you Vitamin D. Natural sunlight is always something that can do the body good. After hiking for 10 minutes, you have already gotten all of the sunshine, which indirectly means Vitamin D that your body needs for the day. So, not only is hiking a great form of exercise, but it can also be its own “Vitamin D shot” as well.