4 Things You Must Do Once You Enter The Nether in Minecraft

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Minecraft is a fantastic game for everyone who wants to have some fun and excitement. Since childhood we have been playing this game and over time it has become so popular that it now has more tha 150 million active players online. Minecraft is now one of the most played game all around the world. There are many minecraft java accounts for sale that you can check out. Or you can just create one for yourself. But today we are going to find out 4 things you can do when you enter the Nether in Minecraft.

Scan Your Surroundings

the first thing you need to do when you enter the Nether is to check your surroundings. Entering the Nether without checking the environment will be a stupidity. It is not safe to ignore the areas where you are going to tread in the Nether. It is not only you who will be exploring the same place, so make sure that you don’t have any fierce enemies who might be interested in attacking you all of a sudden. So, you need to be really aware of your surroundings always.

Protect The Gate

once you enter the Nether, it is of vital importance that you protect the gate. The gate is very sensitive and even a small hit can close the gate forever. This will trap you in the Nether forever till you die in the game. The gate is the only one-way in and out from the Nether. One of the best ways in which you can protect the gate is by using the cobblestones. Create a fortress around the gate using the stones and this will protect it from any sudden attack from the enemies or accidental hit.

Familiarize With Resources

the Nether has a wide range of resources available. These are rare and very much useful when you are planning to create a Minecraft empire. From the blaze rods to glowstones, all of these are really useful resources which you won’t get anywhere else but the Nether. However, you should be very much familiar with using these resources. Even the most professional players sometimes find it difficult to mine them or when to use them. So, read more about them.

Avoid Burning To Death

 the Nether is a place where you can always be prepared to die if you are not careful enough. One of the worst ways to die here is getting burnt to death. Even the smallest slip into the Nether lava ocean can kill you instantly. Even the Ghasts and Blaze can ignite your character with fire as well. You have to be very careful when taking the steps while exploring the Nether. There is a very high chance that you can fall on the lava. You can use the Fire Enchantment in order to protect yourself from the dangerous fire here.

So, here are the best things you should do when you are entering the Nether in Minecraft.