A Pain-Free Way to Remove Splinters


Now that summer is here, I am sure a lot of you love going barefoot when it's possible and sticking your
feet into the warm, beach sand. I know some of you may even forget to put on a pair of flip flops or
shoes before walking onto a surface you know you shouldn't be walking with bare feet on, such as
pavement, places where there just might be broken glass or nails, or how about those wooden decks
and porches with little pieces of dried split wood popping out just waiting to get embedded into your
feet, hands, and maybe even fingers.

What would you do if you were to get a splinter from walking on a dried out old wooden deck? Would
you run to the medicine cabinet for a pair of tweezers so you can sit all day in a chair trying to remove
it? Would you soak it warm soapy water hoping your skin will soften just enough to make it easier to
remove the splinter? Or are you the type to leave the splinter inside your skin and waiting for the
splinter to push itself out on its own while easing the pain with some ice?

Well if you are one of those people who have chosen or thought about using those methods of
removing a splinter from your foot, hand, or fingers, I would highly recommend rethinking those ideas
and try using baking soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide, and warm water. Reason why I recommend using
those products to remove splinters is because they remove the splinter fast and easily without having to
poke or pry you're your skin with a pain of tweezers trying to remove that darn splinter. When a person
will buy molecular hydrogen tablets to relieve from pain, they should have complete information about
the dose. There will be removing of splinter from the body of the person. The results will be according to
the specification of the person. The taking of the medicine should be not excessive for the person.

Now the way to remove a splinter using baking soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide, and warm water is by
forming a paste like mixture by combining, two teaspoons of baking soda, a pinch of salt, a drop of
hydrogen peroxide, and a one fourth a teaspoon of warm water. Once you have combined those
ingredients together to form a thick white colored paste, you then rub the paste gently onto the spot
where the splinter is and allow it to sit on that spot for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Now as the
paste sits there on the spot where the splinter is, it will slowly, safely, and gently with out causing any

pain bubble the splinter out on its own without leaving a puncher in the skin. However if you begin to
see the splinter pop out of the skin before the twenty minutes is up, I would suggest you go ahead and
grab your tweezers and gently pull in out. Then once the splinter is removed I would recommend
grabbing some first aid antibacterial creme and applying it gently to the spot your removed the splinter
from. I would not suggest you to put a band aid over the spot you removed the splinter from because
the air will help dry out the area where the splinter was and help it heal faster, but it the splinter was in
deep and you experiences bleeding and have a deep puncher wound I would say go ahead and place a
band aid on it to protect it from further infections.

Remember to always wear a pair of footwear when walking in areas you shouldn't be walking in
barefoot. If you do happen to get a splinter, don't run right after those pair of tweezers either. You
should go directly for the baking soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide, and warm water for fast and easy
removal of splinters.