Balance Dieting And Exercise – Know about the exercises 

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Diet or exercise by themselves can be a good way for you to improve your overall health. Of course it’s even more effective when you combine the two. But if you’re doing both together, you have to be sure not to overdo it.

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When you diet, you’re taking in fewer calories per day. When you exercise, you’re burning calories. The idea is that by combination, you burn the extra calories your body has stored away as fat, faster than your body can replace it with the diet food.

But burning yourself away faster than you can replace it must be done with caution. Extreme diets and workouts can be dangerous, and you need to familiarize yourself with the risks.

Diets where you nearly starve yourself are ALWAYS a bad idea, but it becomes even more dangerous when coupled with intense workouts.

When you watch and read about professional athletes about to run a marathon, what are they eating? Typically very card heavy foods like pasta. Why is that? While it’s not like they’re eating fast food cheese burgers, they’re still eating foods that you yourself would have to avoid when dieting.

If you’ve been eating almost nothing for the past week, you will NOT be able to run for miles using just stored up body fat. In fact, you’re likely to pass out or have other serious health issues arise very quickly in your run.

Fat is a plan B that the body uses. It stores up extra fat to be used in starvation related emergencies. If you’re going to be doing a lot of physical work, you need to give yourself some good meals.

You’ll want to balance your diet and exercise routine so that your extra body fat is burned off carefully. If you’re doing lots of workouts, a good portion of your fat will be tightened into muscle anyway.

Doing intense workouts with no protein or other nutrients in your stomach can be hazardous. It’s like trying to drive a car that has no gas or oil.

Starving yourself also slows down your metabolism and will reduce the rate at which you burn fat. If your body is tricked into thinking that you’re starving to death, it will share its stored fat very sparingly and cling to all the new fat it is given. If you’re eating WELL and working out, your body will know that it’s getting fed regularly and will gladly convert nutrients over to your workout. This is an ideal situation for your metabolism; getting your body into the habit of taking in fresh nutrients and immediately converting them into energy instead of fat.