How to Choose a Home Satellite TV System


You’ve decided to finally take the plunge, dump cable and buy a satellite TV system. Now you need to make the right decision for what is going to fit you best. Where do you begin?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you are going to want Direct TV or Dish Network?

Some might prefer one over the other but it goes without saying that you can use either of them depending on your location like urban or rural areas so whether you are living in Lambertsville or a remote village by the countryside, be sure to keep it in mind.

Let’s face it there may be other options in some rural area for a home satellite system but the two big players in the U.S. are Direct TV and Dish Network.

So how do you make this decision considering they both are pretty comparable as far as picture quality?

You need to first ask yourself if either of these choices has the channels that you are going to be interested in watching. If not, the obvious answer is that you just stick with your cable because all you would be doing is purchasing a bunch of channels you’re not really interested in watching.

When doing your research what you will find is that Direct TV has a lot more sports channel packages such as the NFL Sunday Ticket. Dish Network doesn’t offer that, but Dish Network has its own channels that Direct TV does not have.

You should visit each of their websites and check out their complete channel listings and compare what each has to offer in relation to your viewing preferences.

Then it is time to figure out where to buy your dish satellite system?

Any store that sells audio/video equipment usually sells digital satellite systems, which includes most of the major retailers like Sears. Consumer electronic stores also sell satellite equipment systems and would carry more of the high-end products that would not be available at the major merchandise retailers.

Another option is to buy your satellite system equipment online. In addition, many of the same major retailers offer a choice of systems on their sites as well.

Have a good understanding of what you want and what you are looking for. There are several companies that manufacture the actual receivers and dishes and they can come with a variety of features, so look into the features you want. You might want it to come with a DVR or be HDTV capable for example.

Also, if you decide to order online be sure to check into any shipping and handling charges. Quite often you can find deals that offer free shipping. Another point to consider is that if you do not feel you are capable of installing the satellite TV system yourself you may want to look into options and packages that include free installation.