Top 5 Exercises To Get Your 6 Pack – Know About Them

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As you put together an exercise routine, you must think about which are going to be the top 5 exercises to get your 6 pack. By making the most out of your time spent in the gym, you’re going to increase the success you see and be well on your way to top-notch results.

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Let’s take a quick look at the top 5 exercises to get your 6 pack so you can get started off on the right foot.


Surprised to see a non-ab movement as our first top exercise? Don’t be. The reason squats make this list is because of the fact that they are so intense and will challenge many muscle fibers all at once. This means that they’re really going to burn up calories rapidly, and since the more calories you burn off the more fat you lose, these will really help move you closer to six-pack status.

Plus, the abs will work as stabilization muscles as you perform the squat so it isn’t like they aren’t going to get hit.


Second, the next movement that should be in place is the plank exercise. The plank is a great one for targeting the entire core region and will definitely enhance your strength levels. If you find that it’s starting to feel a little too easy though, simply lift one leg up off the floor while you perform it to reduce your base of support and make it that much more challenging.

Ab Crunches On An Exercise Ball

Moving on, ab crunches on an exercise ball are the next movement that you need to be doing. Since the exercise ball will decrease your stability further, this means those abs are going to have to work harder and harder to maintain your body position.

Do this one three times a week and you’ll see results quickly.

Hanging Leg Raise

Next up we have hanging leg raises. This is another one of our top 5 exercises to get your 6 pack because it’s really going to work every single muscle fiber running all the way down the abs.

Perform it using as slow of a motion as possible so that you can see maximum recruitment on the muscle fibers.

Interval Training

Finally, the last must-do exercise to get six pack abs is interval training. This is a form of cardio that will really boost the metabolic rate so you burn more calories all day long. By doing this three times per week, your metabolism will be at an all-time high and this is simply the best environment for maximum fat burning.

So there you have the top 5 exercises to get your 6 pack. Have a good look over your program and ensure that all of these are included.

Remember to pay attention to your nutrition as well to be able to get your 6 pack.