Cause and Prevention of Tinnitus


Tinnitus is commonly referred to as ringing ear. People with Tinnitus do not all hear the same sounds, they can vary from ringing to throbbing, swishing, and even roaring sounds. In any case, it is very annoying and Tinnitus sufferers are always looking for relief options. It is also a very common condition and is especially prevalent with the 55 to 65 age group. So what is the cause and prevention of Tinnitus?


The onset of Tinnitus can be caused by many and varied reasons

Common causes include –

  • Old age    
  • Exposure to loud noises    
  • Excess ear wax    
  • Otosclerosis (middle ear bones become stiff)

As we age we experience hearing loss and hardening of the arteries which can result in ringing or other noise in the ears. This is just a natural side effect of growing older. However, in order to control and reduce all these symptoms, there is an effective way that is known as Sonus complete

Long term exposure to loud noises can cause Tinnitus. Loud music, whether from a concert or from listening to music too loud, industrial equipment, firearms are all loud noise sources that can result in hearing loss.

Earwax serves a purpose to protect the ear canal. But if you don’t regularly clean your ears and it becomes compacted it can cause Tinnitus.

Otosclerosis is a condition where the middle ear bones become stiff which causes hearing problems. Otosclerosis is typically a genetic condition that results in abnormal bone growth of the ears.

Less common causes of Tinnitus include –

  • Ear infections   
  • Certain medications    
  • The disease of the inner ear    
  • Head injury
  • Prevention

So if we focus on the most common causes of Tinnitus to discuss prevention.

You should take good care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle. Maintain normal blood pressure by eating a healthy diet and have an exercise regimen. Proper exercise reduces stress and obviously keeps you physically fit.

Avoid loud noises. If you work in a loud environment wear earplugs or noise-reducing headphones. Remember that harmful loud music can come from listening to your portable music on your headphones. If you like live bands give your ears time to recover before hitting too many shows in a short period.

Maintain the cleanliness of your ears. Be careful how you clean your ears. In some cases using q-tips actually is just compacting the ear wax. Use ear drops if you feel like you can not do a good job cleaning out ear wax.

If you are diagnosed with Otosclerosis, there are treatment options available. Seek out proper medical attention.

Stay educated on Tinnitus as there is new information coming out all the time. Especially encouraging is the natural treatment options, that do not involve surgery or medications.